Ivy Grip Double Sided Tape

Ivy Grip Double Sided Tape

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Product Description

Ivy Grip Double Sided Tape Heavy Duty 

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL - The double-sided gel tape is constructed of durable, double-sided adhesive, transparent nanopu gel and won't leave any residue on walls or other surfaces. Anti-slip, cuttable, washable, and reusable.

EASY TO USE & CUT - Unlike stick scissors, the gel pad grip tape is easy to use and can be cut to any size and length. This double-sided, transparent tape is 3 metres long, 3 cm broad, and 2 mm thick. It may be readily cut to any desired size. very simple to clean up, leaving no stains on the surface.

STRONG VISCOSITY - The gel tape adheres firmly and stays there on nearly any smooth, spotless, and non-porous surface.

VERSATILE USEThe versatile items that can be adhered with this nano silicone tape include photo frames, balloons, name plates, LED ropes, power sockets, universal sockets, curtain strings, paper hangings, light ropes, foam boards, party halls, wedding chapels, and stage decorations. Keys, a key holder, carpets, tablecloths, hooks to hang cooking utensils, kids' bedrooms, study rooms, baby stickers, wall papers, calendars, phone holders, and key hooks are just a few examples.

RECOMMENDED SURFACES - We strongly advise using this high-tack tape on painted walls, tiles, glass, polished wood, painted doors, windows, table tops, plastic doors, polished granite, metals, polished marbles, and granite floors.

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